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So this was the first week of my new internship in pediatrics. I started with a week of afternoons in the pediatric ER (otherwise, my more "permanent" internship is in the neonatal ICU, where premature babies are taken care of).

I thought the week would be hectic and awful, but most of the patients who arrived at the ER were there on their doctor's advice, so there weren't that many unjustified reasons (as in: "my shoulder has been hurting for two years so I'll come to the ER on a Sunday", which actually happened to me). Luckily, I took care of children that were mostly in good shape, so the babies were cute and smiling, and the older kids very nice.

Anyway, I'm really excited about this internship in pediatrics, and I hope it'll help me choose (or rule out) one career possibility for me.

On a completely different topic, today is a holiday in France in memory of the WWII armistice. And yes, we are snobs, because WWII ends in May for us and we conveniently forget most of the times that it went on in the Pacific until August. But hey, I won't complain when school's out every year on the eighth of May! It's quite amazing, though, how the world has changed since then. Hopefully, it will continue to change for the better. I need positive thoughts in the middle of the economic crisis!

And finally, happy birthday [ profile] amethyst18!!!!

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