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This was written originally for the [ profile] dramione_awards Special Challenge, and in a classic move on my part, I managed to forget the deadline, wanting to revise it one last time.

Anyway, I thought about posting it for a while, but then the other day [personal profile] musyc said she needed distractions for today, so instead of postponing this forever, I'm posting it now. So here it is, my would-be Special Challenge drabble.

Word count:446
Prompt chosen:"I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble." -- Helen Keller

Expectations )
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… but there are new fics for Hawthorn & Vine's Reverse Challenge everyday, and so I half read them/half read my lessons. Starting dermatology now, and I've got a feeling it's not going to be pleasant.

My favorites so far are:

Ningloreth's manip. It's really pretty, and gives a feeling of intimacy and worry that are intriguing.

Dirty Little Secrets by [ profile] eilonwy1. It's real creepy, but very well written. I love Draco and Hermione's changing relationship, and the mystery.

The Beginning by [ profile] ningloreth. The characters seem OOC in the beginning, but the twist was completely unexpected. Completely worth the read!

I'm starting to read Days Without Rain by [ profile] liafic. Another mystery (apparently, that genre is my favorite for this challenge), well written, that has you guessing every chapter. Who is cursed? Who is guilty? Who is being manipulated?

In completely unrelated news, the motor to open and close the window in my car is broken, so it'll have to go to the garage on Monday. The window is blocked wide open, and it's supposed to rain this evening … Oh, joy.
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I finally decided to sign up for the [ profile] dramione_awards Special Challenge. I usually don't dare sign up for anything that has a deadline, because I'm so terrified of them. I've never really written for anyone else but me, and I like being free to go at a leisurely pace, especially if I'm not feeling particularly inspired.

I didn't really have an excuse here, since the maximum length is a 1,000 words, and it's not an exchange. And I've already written something, which I have to go back to and edit. So, no pressure anymore!

In work-related news, I love my internship in infectious diseases, but I have so much to learn and antibiotics are a pain to remember. It's starting to seep slowly through my brain, though. I also have to start to study much more seriously and intensely than I did last year, because of the exam in June, which determines what specialty I can choose and where I'm going to study. But it's so hard to get to work and stay working!

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