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I just had the results of a practice exam (one I took in December during a week end, Saturday and Sunday morning and afternoon), and I did pretty well. There were students from all over France taking that exam, and I was 1368th out of 4773!

I took this because at the end of the year, all the 6th year med students of France take a national exam, and depending on the rank, you get to choose your specialty and where you'll be an intern. So, right now I'm in the first third which is pretty good, even if it won't get me the very demanded specialties. I'll have to work harder for that, if I want to do them!

I'm really happy, but a little worried because usually when I get good grades I start working less and that's something I absolutely should not do. Hopefully, I'll do as well for the next practice exams (and the real one too).
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But finishing classes (well, leaving in the middle of the class, to be precise) at 10:22 PM is not human. No way.


Jan. 26th, 2010 10:07 pm
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This is the last week of my internship in thoracic surgery, and I had to say that until yesterday, I couldn't wait to for it to be finished: surgery doesn't interest me, and most of the other students that are working with me in the unit are complete slackers and a pain to work with.

But today, I went to the OR (which happens about once a week if not less, because I'm not really enthusiastic about it) and the surgeon was great! If only he had been like that two months ago, I might have been much more motivated. He moved aside so I could see what he was doing, touch a lung, a thyroid, do some stitches …

I think he was happy a student came down to the OR. The funny thing is that though I rarely do, it seems that I'm the one who does it the most, and now he thinks I like surgery (a fact that the interns in the unit took only two weeks to figure out was false).

And maybe it's stupid, but hearing the head of the unit tell me that he had noticed the other students (well, not all of them) had been doing nothing felt really good.

Okay, maybe I'm still impatient for the internship to be over. But at least I had a good day!

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