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So last week was the first of my new internship in the ICU.

And let's just say: I knew the death toll would be higher, but not quite as much. We started the internship by seeing people crying because their loved one was going to die, and I'm glad I have worked in the hospital for a year, because there was a student with us for whom it was her first day.

The particular unit I am is interesting, but can also be incredibly boring. Sometimes, there is just nothing to do, especially if you work in the afternoon, and you just sit there and watch the time pass by. Or try to study, but I'm never very efficient. When there is stuff to do though, I love it! On Wednesday, I did CPR for the first time (with real doctors and nurses all around, so it wasn't too scary as being alone in the middle of nowhere).

There are so many students in the hospital now that we have to take turns to come in the unit, and this is my week off! I'm trying to study for an exam on Thursday, but abysmally failing! That is, I'm going very, very slowly. Hopefully that'll be enough when the day comes.

Today my sister's Canadian pen pal is arriving, and she'll be staying at our place for three months. We're going to have to make efforts to speak French with our father, so she can learn to speak the language. It's going to be tough. I always speak English with my father, and when I have to use French, I find it incredibly awkward.

Oh well, at least we'll still be able to watch movies in English. I don't want to even think of the torture it would have been if we had to be subjected to movies dubbed in French. I'm completely spoiled as far as movies go!

Anyway, have a great week everyone!
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