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Well, finally "Where the Wild Things Are" is out in the movie theaters in France, and I was able to see it in English! I wasn't sure it would ever come out in it's original version, since the book is little known here.

The French title for it, however, is absolutely horrible. It's "Max et les Maximonstres", (Max and the Maximonsters), which in my opinion is disrespectful of both the author and the children who read the book. Why take away all the poetry and mystery from the original title and transform it into something so lame? (And for the matter, how do you hope to get people to watch a movie named like that?)

Anyway, we went to this small movie theater with my father, and got our seats cheap, because the heating was broken. Yes, broken. It's snowing and freezing outside, and we go see a movie in an unheated room. I had my gloves on (not to mention my coat) for most of the movie.

And it was … good, really good. I may be a little disappointed, because I had read some pretty good reviews, but the movie didn't really seem to have a plot. Regardless, the Wild Things were great, and the wild rumpus(es) was(were) awesome. It was smart, especially when Max realized the Wild Things were acting like he had been with his mother.

And that kid could act. Though my father pointed out he just had to be like a kid, I thought he was fantastic. I don't know if he's going to continue acting, but I think he'll do great!

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