Feb. 15th, 2010

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I am aware this post's main goal is to show off pictures I took on Saturday while snow shoeing. I know, it's bad, but the view was so spectacular I just had to share!

Anyway, on Saturday I spent the day with my best friend, her fiancé and all those who will be witnesses at their wedding, to get to know each other. We went snow shoeing for the better part of the day, watched part of a rugby match (France destroyed Ireland, by the way), made crèpes for dinner and then played a custom made board game about my friend and her fiancé, girls against boys (girls won!)

The hike was pretty great, except that I was very slow, as I'm not at all in shape. Not that I'm ever in shape, so I was prepared for lagging behind. Luckily, I wasn't alone, there was another girl who was in worse shape, and we kept each other company. We started out in the clouds, but after an hour or so we had walked high enough to be above them, and then … The view is just breathtaking!
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